6 essential steps to project success

Whether you're improving work-flow, starting a new venture, updating your website, an app, promoting a product & services, these steps will confidently set the foundation for success.

What's the Scope of the project?

Step 1: Needs Assessment

Ask a lot of questions

  • Project goals –  what is the challenge. what is the opportunity
  • Intended audiences – who is this for
  • Information scope – what do we want to say, sell, promote
  • Staffing and resources requirements – who will do the work
  • Technical requirements – how will this be built & how will it be distributed
  • Implementation and maintenance
  • Budget & timeline.

Step 2: The Creative Brief

Write It All down

  • Gather information in all formats
  • Content – words, images, videos, forms etc.
  • Functional Specifications - description of features
  • Information Architecture - create a Site Map or table of contents 
  • Work in Progress presentation

Stage 3 - Prototype Design

Picture This

  • Comprehensive presentation
    • Content
    • Layout
    • Functionality

  • StyleGuide – document design decisions.

Stage 4 - Development

Make It Work

  • Create working model or comp
  • User Acceptance testing – are you sure the people you're making this for, really, really like it?.
  • Conduct quality assurance review - Create a checklist to fix typos, bugs, errors, testing that everything works as it is intended
  • Production & delivery.

Stage 5 - Promote Promote Promote

Get the message out

Marketing strategy will be product specific using current targeted platforms including
  • Social channels
  • Search Optimization
  • Web, mobile platforms
  • Print distribution & live events.

Stage 6 - Maintenance

Keep it Fresh

These considerations are project specific and may include
  • Administration User Guide
  • Content Launch Plan
  • User Experience Review - for continuous improvements.
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