Joyful Favourites

With a glowing sunset came overnight freezing drizzle on the first day of winter

Gingerbread houses constructed at  McCalls Bakery Workshop in the West end of the city.

Decorations on the tree hold special memories of Christmases past or gifts from loved ones  

Fresh Clementines from Morocco are a citrus treat every winter

A favourite Holiday card from my colleagues at Camp Kirk sits in the Christmas tree and puts a smile on everyone's face.

Aimee creates a book from a deck of playing cards - a Christmas present for her Mom to share "52  Things I Love About You".

At a Park or backyard near you - Plant a tree and dedicate it to someone you care about, as here at the Davisville Park where dedications were left on little painted river stones.

Sarah and her cousins make colourful Easter Egg baskets out of woven strips of scrap paper, held together with packing tape; then plan an Easter Egg hunt with coloured plastic eggs filled with little chocolate sweetness.
Splurge on exotic flavours like pink guava, mango and pomegranate truffles from Toronto online chocolatier Chocolates 4 the World.

 A quality wool/acrylic blend sweater like this BELIKA brand will take a man through all 4 seasons, available at Carrerra Casuals on Bayview

Happy Father's Day - Cole makes a fun poster for a present, cutting out foam letters out of packing material from a computer packing box.

Photo top: Cole creates chocolatey brownie treats for the family.