How to ease muscle tension, joint stiffness, back pain and help prevent injury

Do you suffer from acute injuries or just wish you could build your core and body strength? 

The Pilates method of physical fitness focuses on low-impact, core conditioning movements that strengthen muscles while improving alignment, posture, range of motion, flexibility & all-over strength.

Pilates exercises are often recommended to ease muscle tension, joint stiffness, and back pain, and to help prevent injury.

Restorative Pilates Specialist, Joan Baker, integrates mind-body science and fitness practices to provide a full-body, personalized workout with your health concerns and level of fitness in mind.
She offers specific conditioning advice and teaches you "little tricks" on how to pay attention to your physical movements and posture throughout the day.  

Whether young or mature,  Joan encourages clients to commit to a regular time for self care, until it becomes one of the most important appointments to never miss in their lives.

Joan takes a light hearted approach to fitness. 

"Practicing Pilates leaves you  feeling more grounded, joyful, even more confident, and ultimately, a bit stronger."

Joan Baker teaches Restorative Pilates in Toronto and online.