Enjoy life longer.

Let's Restore. Refresh. Take a Breath.

We share our collected wisdom and experiences. 
We celebrate a new dawn and the promise of what is to come, shedding old ideas and embracing the new.

  • RESTORE with Pilates fitness

  • Refresh @ work with creative thinking

  • Take a breath and learn the Buteyko breathing method

  • Love where you live #Toronto. We share our preferences.


Joan Baker is a Restorative Pilates Specialist who offers private classes at two Toronto locations and 30 minute online sessions weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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Toni Robertson is an educator and  design professional who consult with business leaders in Toronto on digital communication design and technology.
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Life's a Birch. 
The birch signifies new beginnings, regeneration, the first tree to grow back after a forest has been burned.The birch shed its bark, as the old and worn-out is released to make way for the new.